Life Death and Easter.

A very dear friend died on Easter Sunday of heart failure.  He was getting prepared to have a heart transplant, but his body could not hang on.  We continue to mourn his loss.

Today, I attended Mass and a friend of ours was there.  I had not seen her in awhile and her husband was not with her.  She gave me a bear hug to beat all bear hugs.  To me this does not always bode well.  Hugs of this type mean something has changed.  I asked how things were going and she said things were getting better.  Again, one of those comments that does not always bode well.  As we spoke, she commented that her husband was in the hospital.  Okay, said my brain, this tells me more, but what does this mean.  She then stated he had a kidney transplant done on Good Friday. He is healing well and will be home soon.

Easter is about resurrection.  Resurrection from old life, old habits, old times.  It is about becoming new, reclaiming what we have lost and perhaps starting to find new ways to do things.  Sam had a resurrection of his own with a new kidney.  Mark’s resurrection is in what we do next to remember him and his life.

Peace to all.


Expanding my Horizons

There are times in our lives when we need to work on expanding our horizons.  My life continues to take many turns as I am sure most of yours do.  Part of expanding my horizons is to work at writing more even if it is private as well as writing more for an audience.  Look forward to more from me.